If you're wanting to make Real, Lasting Impact
in a way that is truly Fulfilling... Without Compromise,
then Momentum for CEOs is designed specifically for you.

We help High-Performing CEOs

of profitable small to mid-sized companies

with 10+ employees 

using the Momentum Program.

It's a whole new way for high-performing CEOs to

unlock their full-potential to lead and live with purpose.

Have you ever had these concerns?

  • There's No Clear Path

    You are not anticipating what's next because you are caught up in the day to day

    - working IN the business instead of On the business.

    Too often stuck because you fear making the wrong decision that might compromise your business, family or yourself.

  • Lacking the Resources

    You are trying to wear more hats than humanly possible. Delegation?  To who?


    Your succession plan is non-existent and you feel all alone.  Your network includes the friends you grew up with and your sources of inspiration come without planning.



  • Just Not Getting the Results

    No matter how hard you are working or how many hours you are putting in, you are just not getting the results you are striving for.


    And as a result of all of these extra efforts your health and relationships are suffering.

  • Running on Empty

    There are never enough hours in the day, you feel mentally stressed and physically exhausted all the time.


    You once again missed your child's ballgame, haven't been home for dinner in weeks and you are suddenly asking yourself "is this worth it?"


is simple:

  • Get Clear,  define a truly fulfilling Manifesto for your company AND yourself.  Identify your Ground Zero and use the Leverage Point to break through like never before.

  • Find Capacity, Master Time once and for all, harness your Tribal Strength and build the Brain Power to elevate you to the next level without compromise.

  • Achieve More, develop a Killer Plan to ensure you are having real impact.  Master the Execution Game for sustained momentum.  Leverage the Winners Circle to build your legacy.

We Help Our Clients Achieve:

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But don't just take our word for it -

see what others have to say...

I have found alignment in all aspects of my life. 



Most importantly, I have learned to be vulnerable which in turn has given me considerable strength.

My relationship with my kids, my wife, my co-workers and my friends is much stronger than it was previously and I am a new me. 


At one point there was concern over my health.  As a result, I lost 60 lbs and am as healthy as I’ve ever been.  I have re-aligned my priorities and goals and it has given me more capacity to tackle the daily challenges of family, business and life.

Chris Lansburgh

Edgesource Corporation - CEO

I was really struggling with where I was going…I didn’t have a good handle on why I do what I do and there were even times when I questioned if I was in the right career.  It was affecting me at work and at home.


Now that I understand what deeply matters and creates an emotional connection for me, my days are more focused and I approach each new day with more energy and excitement –


AND I didn’t make a career change! 


  I’ve also changed the approach to my personal life – the priorities in my personal time now revolve around my health and what matters the most to me.

Steve Daves

R.W. Murray Company - President

  • Annapolis, Maryland, United States



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capability and execute strategy to accelerate performance

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