We coach Executive Leadership Teams 

to shift mindset, embed capability 

and execute strategy to accelerate performance 

on actual, mission-critical business issues. 

Have you ever had these concerns about your Leadership Team?


Individual Executives

are Not Leveraging

Their Capabilities


Sometimes it feels like your executives are working against you instead of "with" you or are creating too much of a distraction so that you are spending more time in operations than you would like.


Executives are

Operating in Silos

and Not Solving

as a Team

Individually, they are very talented; however, there is little-to-no open communication, their goals are

mis-aligned and some in-fighting

and jockeying for position

is causing a rift in the organization. 


Executives are

Not Effectively Leading and Developing

Their People

As you travel deeper into your organization, the bigger the gap in understanding your company's vision and mission, fail points are uncovered and burn out is running rampant not giving executives needed bandwidth.

We Work in Three Focused Areas:

Our Philosophy is Simple

We help executive leaders to:

  • Become Great Contributors -  before you can lead the world, you first need to lead yourself.  We coach executives to be present, accountable, trustworthy, aware, effective and healthy for peak performance.

  • Solve Big Problems - we break down the silos and teach your executive team to become aligned with their peers, become strategic thinkers and accountable to a shared vision, while earning trust and commitment on actual, mission critical business objectives.  

  • Deliver Results - no one can do it all alone.  We help executives to lead, inspire, and develop their teams with alignment, communication and care to deliver consistent results and sustained growth.  

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Lindsay Weissbratten

Siemens Government Technologies - CHRO

Newbrook truly was instrumental in helping me:
• reduce complexity by constantly challenging my assumptions with extraordinarily insightful questions,
• understand my value proposition for others by pushing me to routinely consider the wisdom gained from
my successes and failures,
• embrace the power of vulnerability by demanding keen awareness and authenticity of motive, and,
• unleash the power of “potentiality” as Deepak Chopra observes by his willingness to genuinely mentor on
a level that is unique in my experience as an entrepreneur.

Seldom does a day pass when I don’t think about meeting Newbrook for the first time many years ago and being
eternally grateful that I did!

John P. (Pat) Philbin, Ph.D., PMP

Old Dominion Strategies - President & CEO

  • Annapolis, Maryland, United States



We are a leadership consultancy that works with

High-Performing CEOs and their Executive Leadership Teams to shift mindset, embed 

capability and execute strategy to accelerate performance

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